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JANUARY 17 - JANUARY 27, 2024

A two-part exhibition featuring the story and memorable moments within MAUM’s two-year anniversary and a group show of three emerging Korean artists: Antonio Kim (Moowon Ceramics), Seohui Chi, and Yejin Shin (Artbo).

Pre-Opening Party
Saturday, January 13, 2024

Shatto Gallery is pleased to announce our first collaboration with MAUM, a unique exhibition that brings together contemporary art and community driven initiatives of Korean-American makers and artists. This partnership marks an effort between Shatto gallery and MAUM to recognize makers who are interpreting the traditional Korean craft practices, fostering a sense of cultural connections and shared experiences. 


The collaborative exhibition, ONE HEART ONE MAUM, features a diverse medium of artworks such as Jogakbo, ceramic, illustrations by both emerging and seasoned masters of traditional Korean crafts and contemporary artists who draw inspiration from these time-honored techniques. These artists deliver an exploration of the duality of traditional Korean craft and the reimagination of our contemporary world. MAUM will also bring forth a retrospective of artworks that highlight the two year milestones of their endeavors of bringing an inclusive Asian-American community of makers in the greater Los Angeles and beyond. 


Shatto gallery has been committed to promoting exhibitions of diverse practices and cultures, and through this collaboration with MAUM, the gallery aims to create a dialogue between generations and foster a deeper appreciation for the rich cultural legacy of Korean art. By bringing together artists and community-focused organizations like MAUM, we strive to create a space that fosters a sense of belonging among the Korean-American makers and beyond. 


MAUM celebrates two years of commerce and creativity, as they have worked to build community while sharing culture and representing a variety of AAPI makers within the MAUM Market community and their brick-and-mortar store MAUM Korean Goods in ROW DTLA. The exhibition will commence with an opening reception on January 13th from 6-8pm at Shatto gallery, where attendees will have the opportunity to meet the artists and engage in an artist talk. Shatto gallery and MAUM invite you to join us in celebrating this unique collaboration. This exhibition will be on view from January 17 - January 27, 2024.


Antonio Kim
(Moowon Ceramics)

Yejin Shin

Selected Works

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