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JUNE 8 - JUNE 30, 2019

Shatto Gallery is pleased to present  a selection of photographs by artist Sue Park in a solo exhibition as the gallery's ceremonial first show.

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Capturing unique beauty and making it eternal.

I love to see the world through my camera’s lens.

When I go to a new place, I am an explorer, searching for the things that attract my eyes.

Sometimes landscapes excite me or a little pattern in an object becomesa treasure to me.

I sigh in front of the beauty impossible to express solely with words.

This world is surely full of beauties;

Things which exclaim awaken from the darkness;

Stories of the ancient times ring from the eternal tree;

Joyful songs of living things flutter amongst the sunlight...

I am thrilled to capture these unique moments with my camera, moments

that will never be repeated again. It is my privilege to be present in these encounters.

My photos are born from memories of the past and also carry my passion for the present.

Increasingly, they also show my future dreams and fantasies.

The act of releasing the shutter is so quick and fades away, becoming a part of past,

and yet the moment recorded eternally.

When I look at the photos later, I recollect each moment in time.

People I encountered, landscapes, wind, light and even the smell ofthe breeze....

It is a marvelous thing that all the memories remain there intact.

My mission is to capture unique beauty and make it eternal. 


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