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Sue Park

JUNE 8 - JUNE 30, 2019

Shatto Gallery is pleased to present a selection of photographs by artist Sue Park in a solo exhibition as the gallery's ceremonial first show.

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Sue Park’s images have a narrative sensibility with an intuition for design. Each photograph transcends time, inviting viewers into the composition to find meaning. Some images whisper quietly, evoking a sense of wonder at their beauty, while others capture places that appear almost mystical. Park offers the photograph as a window through which to peer, ponder, and gaze at the beauty and power of nature in fleeting moments now passed.


Park’s compositions and refined framing elegantly isolate a single, natural subject, or they emphasize the dynamic presence of multiples, establishing visual relationships that hold the viewer captive. Line, shape, form, space, tone, texture and color comprise the ingredients she uses and emboldens them by repetition and rhythm to create patterns in asymmetrically balanced, mysterious matrices that encourage the viewer to maintain curiosity and wonder. Whether captured in color or black and white, Park’s photographs provoke closer observation and yield more questions than answers.

An exceptional artist, Sue Park offers a glimpse of her talents by photographing a variety of scenes and subjects using different approaches to establish mood and sustain looking. The images succeed by revealing the essence of each subject, and they welcome viewers inside their thoughtful compositions to see the world through her eyes.

Edward C. Alfano

Chair, Department of Art

California State University, Northridge


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