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Mark Steven Greenfield & Sharon Louise Barnes


Opening Reception | September 24, 2022, 4-6pm


Shatto Gallery is pleased to present Space In Between: Tempest, a two-person exhibition of paintings and sculptural works by Los Angeles based artists Mark Steven Greenfield and Sharon Louise Barnes. The exhibition will open from September 24 to October 22 with an opening reception on September 24, 2022 from 4 - 6PM. 


Mark Steven Greenfield and Sharon Louise Barnes both share the intricacies of the African American experiences through repetition, symbols and allegory.  


Mark Steven Greenfield presents a considerably monumental painting, a composition of frenzy that reflects both psychological and societal rage that stretches across the entire back gallery wallspace. The painting summons the viewer to navigate through layers of elements such as tornadoes and portals that appears to be a metaphor for the current social landscape. Greenfield’s drawing instills a collective subconscious that we may be experiencing across the furlong of the duralar canvas. 


Sharon Louise Barnes is a collector of lived experiences. Her work involves putting together symbols, marks and materials, all together manifest as expressions of narrative. Barnes' material gestures imbue the poetics of loss and recovery through stitching and fusing found and constructed materials reimagining the Black diasporic embodiment. Her work deliberately claims space, proclaiming the beauty of resiliency through the act of assembling and storytelling collective and individual encounters. 


Space In Between: Tempest conveys layering and compression of the subconscious that externalizes into the physical space. The dialogue between the two artists' work precipitates a dialogue of topical issues and their own subconscious labyrinth that pursues after transcendence. This exhibition gives the opportunity to view and contemplate narratives both artists have remarkably articulated and invites viewers to decipher multiple meanings instilled in the works. 


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