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Edward C. Alfano & Magda Audifred

OCTOBER 16 - NOVEMBER 19, 2021

Shatto Gallery is pleased to announce, IN•FORM, an exhibition featuring works of two local artists, Edward C. Alfano and Magda Audifred. In two distinct practices, each artist have studied their subject's form regarding various stances in communicating their intentions within their visual language.

Curated by
Yujin Iris Jeong

Two distinct practices comprise the exhibition IN•FORM. Photographer Edward C. Alfano and multi-disciplinary artist Magda Audifred embrace and transcend multiple interpretations of the exhibition’s title. Foremost, their work seeks to inform, or bring awareness to unseen locations, both geographic and psychological, and to new ways of considering the world’s diversity. In addition, the artists internalize form and use their chosen media to explore physical and pictorial spaces, human made and organic elements, resolving compositional challenges with thoughtful ingenuity. Both using highly expressive visual languages, Alfano uses high contrast and rich tonality in his black and white photographs, while Audifred uses gesture and saturated color in her ceramics, paintings and prints.


Edward Alfano produces black and white photographs that speak less about Cartier-Bresson’s decisive moment, and more about the images’ possibilities. Alfano’s emphasis on light and shadow is enhanced by his use of infrared film, which promotes greater abstraction. Attempting to create a sense of timeless harmony, Alfano’s connection to the photographs transcends the context of a mechanical representation that functions as a record of the past. Considering both humanmade and natural subjects, the intersections of past and present cultures, and a hyper-visual orientation, Alfano cultivates images that encourage viewers to contemplate, explore, and interpret matter, space, and time.

Magda Audifred studied at the University of Fine Arts in Mexico City (UNAM), which introduced her to the “wonderful world of printmaking.” Currently, she works in a variety of media, including ceramics, painting, and printmaking. Porcelain, stoneware, and low fire glazes; etching using hard and soft grounds, and aquatint; and acrylic and oil on canvas invite experimentation and yield vividly crafted works that function as transformative vehicles that evoke particular concepts, dreams, feelings, moments, and places. Audifred considers Art to be a blessing of consciousness, a physical manifestation in which imagination and concept establish a unique human bond between artist and viewer.


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