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city floodplain

AUGUST 12 - SEPTEMBER 16, 2023

Opening Reception | August 12, 2023, 3-6PM
Artist Talk | September 2, 2023, 3-4PM

Shatto Gallery is thrilled to present OUR RIVER: city floodplain, an exploration of the iconic Los Angeles River. As a crucial part of the city’s identity and rich history, this exhibition aims to shed light on the river’s significance while inspiring its restoration and the revival of the lost species. Stretching an impressive 51 miles, the Los Angeles River winds from the Simi Hills and Santa Susana mountains, meandering through numerous communities before reaching its destination in Long Beach. Despite its prominence, a startling number of Angelenos remain unaware of its existence. 

OUR RIVER: city floodplain brings together a collective of talented and passionate Los Angeles and New York based artists who have dedicated their creative expertise to illustrate the ethos of the river. The participating artists, Pablo Campos Allegro, Derek Boshier, David Eddington, Colin Fraser Gray, Won Sil Kim, David Lindberg, Da Aie Park, Sue Park, Jose "Prime" Reza, Michelle Robinson, and Lily Jane Tsong, offer a captivating visual experience with the way in which each artist approaches the subject matter through a diversified lens and medium. With a shared dream of witnessing the positive impacts followed by rewilding the LA River, these artists strive to rekindle the connection between the city's inhabitants and this invaluable resource.

This exhibition seeks to draw attention to the Los Angeles River at a pivotal moment when substantial State and Federal funds have been allocated for its restoration. By showcasing thought-provoking artworks and stimulating critical dialogue, OUR RIVER: city floodplain intends to amplify the urgency for preserving and revitalizing this historical landmark.

"It’s my hope that when people look at the work, they can also feel some of that same emotional pull that I feel and the grief that I have," says Michelle Robinson, one of the participating artists. "Instead of moving past these losses, I really want people to dwell on them a little bit, so they can be spurred to take action."

Shatto Gallery cordially invites all art enthusiasts, community leaders, and river enthusiasts to experience the multiple meanings of the LA River. OUR RIVER: city floodplain will run from August 12th to September 16th, and admission is free to the public.


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