Good Times 
End of the Year Show

NOVEMBER 19 - December 17, 2022



Shatto Gallery is hosting an end of the year show, Good Times, a group exhibition showcasing a wide range of mediums from paintings, prints, drawings, photography, ceramics, sculptures and will feature 29 artists who have exhibited with our gallery in the past.

The 29 artists included in Good Times are a mix of established and emerging artists based locally. With good intentions, and for this exhibition especially, their works are priced at $1200 and below in lieu of their original prices to reach a wider audience. Sue Park, Director of Shatto Gallery remarks that all proceeds from the sales will be donated to non-profit arts organizations as did last year. Shatto Gallery held the exhibition “That Time, 2021” in 2021 and used the proceeds to exhibit works of artists from the Exceptional Children's Foundation this summer.

In continuation of last year’s objective to support the arts, this year’s proceeds will be donated to the nonprofit organization, Global Refugees Aid Foundation. This exhibition will be on view from November 19 - December 17, 2022.


Edward C. Alfano
Magda Audifred
Sheri Ki Sun Burnham
Hye Soo Byun

Hannah Cho
David Eddington
Hei Myung C. Hyun
Eunsil Jeoung
Hyun Ji
Beanie Kaman
Koojah Kim
Sung Il Kim
Won Sil Kim
YC Kim
Myung Gyu Lee

Robert Lee

Sam Lee
Yang Mi Lee
Kaoru Mansour
Kristan Marvell
Kyungja Oh
Michelle Oh
Sue Park
Young Ku Park
Max Presneill
HyeYoon Song
Jinny Suh
Michael Wood
HK Zamani