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Opening Reception | September 30, 2023, 3-6PM

Shatto Gallery is pleased to present Reminiscence, a group exhibition showcasing works of six artists based in Los Angeles. Reminiscence showcases a collection of artworks that celebrate the amalgamation of diverse cultural influences through the experiences of migration, re-discovering creative processes of what was once familiar and juxtaposing with the new. 


The artists featured in this exhibition share a common narrative as migrants. Stemming from their roots in South Korea and Japan, these artists design and construct their own culture of place by interconnecting traditions, history, with the new environment. The six artists once hailed from the quaint villages of Japan and South Korea, but have since found their artistic arena amidst the eclectic landscape of Los Angeles. This migration story is emblematic of the South Korean and Japanese diaspora, where these artists have brought their personal tales to the surface of their artwork. 


The six artists recollect their past to gather adjectives as materials to visually articulate their visceral feelings. Employing distinctive color palettes, references to cultural symbols, and found materials, these artists have honed in on idiosyncratic mediums to convey their own development of artistic language. Through intricate paper sculptures, playful collage work, motifs of flora, systems of repetitive patterns, hieroglyphic symbols, and introspections of solitude, the various artworks embody the essence of the artists' connections to the wisdom of nature and the traditions of their individual histories that they’ve held onto in their journeys.


Reminiscence demonstrates the multiplicity of inspiration through each individual artist's journey. The artworks transcend time, inviting viewers to rediscover their own memories and connections to nature; their artworks are a mosaic of diverse cultural influences, archaeological legacies, and multifaceted perspectives. Reminiscence will be on view from September 30th - October 28th. 


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