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Somoon Kim


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"A mother’s love, which transcends life and time, is the theme that runs through my art world."

Somoon Kim, artist

Photo courtesy of the artist



Somoon Kim was born in Buyeo, Korea in 1946, graduated from Seoul Arts High School, and KyungHee University. After immigrating to the United States in 1974, he traveled back and forth between LA, New York, and Korea, actively engaging in an artistic career. His representative works include the "Motherhood Love Series," which applies the techniques of Eastern traditional ink painting and calligraphy while harmonizing Western styles using acrylics on canvas as well as traditional Korean paper. His unique artwork world, which combines his own developed pictographs and visual languages, has attracted attention. The theme of his works is his mother's unwavering love, which he believes only a mother's love can make the world peaceful and save it from confusion and sin.


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