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Hyesook Park

Hyesook Park creates expressionistic paintings with bold and intense colors and free-spirited strokes that respond to both languages of the international and Korean art worlds. Park draws inspiration from the visible world and translates these observations into creative visuals that allows the audience to awaken their own creative consciousness inherent in themselves. In Park’s recent works, she focuses on abstractions, monochrome fields marked by scratches, drips, abrasions and collage. Working in a wide variety of contexts and scales, her paintings convey a sense of energy, openness, cosmos, and spirituality, pursuing the most primitive yet eternal beauty. 


"How vivid, how vital, how deep a sense of consciousness can I express through brushstroke and color? The movement or energy expressed in my paintings, with or without color, reflects my own psychological consciousness as well as that of universal space”. 


Working in two places, Los Angeles and Korea for more than thirty years, Park has actively sought for a reconciliation between the two cultures of Korea and the U.S. She incorporates visual elements from Korean culture into her works, combining Eastern and Western techniques and concepts. Through her paintings, Park searches for or creates space that she finds reflected in Asia and Western art traditions. 


“I search for depth of space represented on a flat surface. This depth of space goes beyond three dimensions to depict a personal cosmology”.


Hyesook Park has shown her works in various exhibitions and galleries internationally,

such as in Beijing, Seoul, Paris, Los Angeles and New York. Her works are in the

collections of Denver Art Museum in Denver Colorado, Oakland Museum of California

and the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea. Hyesook Park received two BFAs from Seoul National University in Seoul, Korea and UCLA.

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