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David Eddington

Born Bedfordshire, England

Resident in Venice, CA, since 2000

Painting is about the most difficult thing I try to do; the results surprise me and makes me think.


There is something either out there or inside, probably from both places, that presses me to paint almost every day. It is the immediacy of painting that excites me and draws me in, the sensuality of the brush mark and the richness of pigment. Whether to add, subtract, superimpose and often obliterate, it is a creative process where self is all but obliterated.


While painting I am chasing a vision: ideas suggested by the last work, or responding with other artists, a dialogue on which I can build, a mix of accumulative and meditative thinking, the latter more important.

The intellectual part is before and after I paint, applying paint to canvas unknowingly happens, only after do I reflect, attempting to understand.


Painting for me is a way of being and expressing that, in not telling others how to think, only showing my world. Rarely is there a conclusive interpretation of any painter’s imagery, another’s way of being; a place where the observer attempts to stabilise the artist’s symbolism. Abstract glyph or possible allegory, much like life itself where a final meaning seems opaque. -DE.

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