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Pablo Campos Allegro

Our River: city floodplain

pablo campos allegro
"Just like every city has a history, monuments, parks, libraries, museums, points of interest, etc to be preserved for posterity, our Los Angeles river deserves no less, as its ecological footprint for flora and fauna are just as important."

Pablo Campos Allegro, artist

Photo courtesy of the artist



I was born June 17, 1947 in Valparaiso, Chile and grew up in Chile and Argentina.

My last one-man shows were in 1988 Ivey Gallery in Los Angeles and 1991 at the J One Gallery in Tokyo Japan. Subsequently, I tried to persuade several galleries in Los Angeles to give me a chance, but I was unsuccessful. Just before the end of the Century, not understanding what was required from these venues, I decided a change was needed. I drastically chose to change my direction by switching from acrylics to oils, and more or less reinvent myself from scratch, taking into consideration that a search for gallery representation was futile until I reached what would be required.

More than two decades have passed, producing more than 1300 oil paintings on canvas, always in search of a betterment as a painter. That conclusion is yet to be assessed, as the resulting effort has not been seen by the eyes that matters, that is, my works have remained in seclusion, away from the public.


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