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Da Aie Park

Our River: city floodplain

Da Aie Park
"We have a giving planet, to which we are disconnected"

Da Aie Park, artist

Photo courtesy of the artist


Da Aie Park was born in Seoul, Korea and graduated from College of Fine Arts, Seoul National University. She moved to Los Angeles and has been a studio artist at Angels Gate Cultural Center since 1997.

Her minimalist paintings are concerned with the nature of color. She responds to the brilliance of selected hues and the gradual process of applying layers of pigment. Recently she began exploring sculpture as a reaction to her upcoming project about LA river.


To date, Park has participated in eleven solo exhibitions and numerous group shows in the United States, Asia and Europe.


River is the flowing water, I say a living, breathing life.

We have a giving planet, to which we are disconnected; a river is the flowing water of biodiversity, it cools, provides and allows us to better understand, a return to our own origins.

My voice without words, the Avocet is chosen for personal, aesthetic and reasons beyond measure.


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