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Sue Park

Our River: city floodplain

Sue Park profile.jpg
"I am thrilled to capture these unique moments with my camera, moments that will never be repeated again."

Sue Park, artist

Photo courtesy of the artist



Sue Park, an award-winning photographer currently based in Los Angeles, CA, began her

photography career in South Korea in the 1980's with one mission: to praise God’s amazing creations.


After completing her studies in Seoul National University, University of Chicago, and the New York Photography Institute, she travelled from country to country, thereby expanding her vision as a photographer. Well-known for her generous intermixing of monotone, duotone, and color photography, she focuses her work on the natural beauties of landscapes, animals, and people. Her simple, yet alluring, work has received positive attention from regions all around the world, which allowed her the opportunities to participate in numerous exhibitions (solo and group) far from home.


She has also published two photography books, Sue Park Photography (2019) and Monovision (2021), both of which were awarded in international competitions.  


I love to see the world through my camera lens. When I go to a new place, I am an explorer, searching for the things that attract my eyes. Sometimes landscapes excite me or a little pattern in an object becomes a treasure to me. 

I am thrilled to capture these unique moments with my camera, moments that will never be repeated again. It is my privilege to be present in these encounters. My photos are born from memories of the past and also carry my passion for the present. Increasingly, they also show my future dreams and fantasies. The act of releasing the shutter is so quick and fades away, becoming a part of the past, and yet the moment recorded eternally. 


When I look at the photos later, I recollect each moment in time-people I encountered, landscapes, wind, light and even the smell of the breeze...


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