Photographer since the early ‘90, in 1997 he met Fran Dituri firstly in Italy during a workshop and later in (NYC) where Dituri at that time was a teacher at C.W.Post University in Long Island. He became his master and mentor. In 1998 he met Dr, Enrico Moretti who’s the director of Moretti&Vitali Editori. When he saw the metaphysical pictures from Lorenzo’s very first work “Inner Kaos”,

Moretti decided to publish the book which has been presented in Milan at the prestigious “SpazioStudio” owned by poetry Pratrizia Gioia, nothing less than one of the most important art critic in the world: Arturo Schwarz. Inner Kaos was exhibited also in a solo show at the Villa Reale di Monza.


Between 2001 and 2010 Lorenzo - who moved from Pesaro to a small country village to support her wife engaged in her Ph.D job - instead to push after the success of the Inner Kaos project, started to be interested in different kind of stuff than take photos, definitely because his needs to sublimation of his own persona was satisfied from the outing coming from the book. He became passionate about flowers and especially cactus. It’s been a long time of studying for Lorenzo who approached new thematics. Of course, he never stops to produce some works for the network he became part since 1997 thank to Frank Dituri. Most of his interests were searching something deeper

Than Photograph to drew out the Inner calls: Lorenzo wrote novels, Poems, screenplay and filmed a 40’ video dedicated to the death of a close friend of him.


In 2010 after the first sight of her daughter’s eyes he wrote and photographed the last part of the trilogy “”The Journey”, also published by Moretti&Vitali that recognise Lorenzo as a pure artist, never interested to what is other than the research of the Big Self - in the words of C.G. Jung whose studies about archetype of unconscious are the leading lane that moves all Lorenzo’s properly works. It is during these years that Uccellini started to work as a project manager to several events; firstly locals and finally internationals with his partner Andrey Martynov, first in the list. Of course )when the “call” doesn’t come, he also works to a wide variety of concept: recently he realized a booklet titled ESSE in which Lorenzo try to touch the essence of the Nature in its highest symbolism inspired by his love for the Americans transcendentalism, pairing photos to quotes form Masters like R.W.Emerson, Whitman, Thoreau.


Lorenzo’s works have been published and exposed in many Countries and his photos are included in several private and public collection, as The Museo Nazionale della Fotografia a Brescia, Stat Art Museum a Novosibirsk, Spazio Nobili, Pesaro, Darwin Museum, Moscow. Lorenzo Uccellini has been presented by critics, curators, and historians including Arturo Schwarz, Naomi Rosenblum. Joan Powers, Marina Jinkarakyan, Andrey Martynov, Lanfranco Colombo, and Ludovico Prates.


Despite the years passed, Lorenzo always put his energy into art; as an artist (with intimistic works not for the ‘big’ audience and organizing events more and more attractive. In 2018 opened THE BID Art Space, a cultural center dedicated to Photograph.

Since the first show to which took part all his international friends, The BID is still raising in the success of quality, public, and critic.

The Bid has become the new node of an international network lead by Andrey Martynov and Lorenzo (in a minor measure) that already include Japan, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, Sweden and USA.