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Drawing Hope

Children’s Art for Peace on the Korean Peninsula


Opening Reception | November 4, 2023, 3-6PM

Shatto Gallery is pleased to present a selection of drawings by the children of the Korean diaspora. This special exhibit is born out of more than two decades of exchange between Korean children on both sides of the peninsula, the Korean diaspora in Japan and beyond. Through the eyes of children’s self-portraits and self-introductions, the exhibit brings to life the hopes, dreams, and visions of the future from the youngest generations living in a divided peninsula.   

The drawings were created as part of programs in partnership with Okedongmu Children in Korea and Friends of Northeast Asia Children's Art Exhibition Organizing Committee intended to provide space for encounters between children in North and South Korea to know one another. Since the signing of the Armistice agreement in 1953 which stopped active fighting in the Korean War, the peninsula has been divided with almost no opportunity for people to meet.  

The exchange of drawings is a glimmer of hope, a space to meet each other, even if it’s only through the artwork of children, drawing out the hope from within us to reimagine a world free of division and violence in the spirit of childlike wonder where beauty lies in seeing each other in full color. This exhibit is made possible through a partnership between Okedongmu Children in Korea, American Friends Service Committee, and ReconciliAsian.

Drawing Hope Exhibition will continue to be shown in the areas of conflict. We invite you to send your support to share the artworks of children's work from the Korean Peninsula and beyond. 

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